Alphabet fun

12 Jul
"Richard Scarry's ABC Word Book" by Richard Scarry

“Richard Scarry’s ABC Word Book” by Richard Scarry

Learning to identify letters is an important step in learning to read.  After all, letters build words, and words build stories. The Lexington Public Library has a wide variety of books to help your children discover letters. You can find some of the children’s librarians’ favorite alphabet books here.

Children also learn through play, and you can easily incorporate letter exploration into your child’s outdoor fun this summer. Writing letters on the sidewalk or driveway with chalk is a classic summer learning activity. Extend your outdoor letter-learning with a nature walk! First, gather rocks from your yard, then wash and dry them. Paint the letters of the alphabet on them, and take the rocks on your next nature walk. When you see flowers, place the F rock by the flowers. When you see a tree, place the T rock by the tree, and so forth.

This idea was shared on the blog of Melissa and Doug, a company makes toys, puzzles, and arts and crafts supplies for young children. For more details about this activity, and discussion questions to guide your nature walk, pay their blog a visit.

Happy exploring!

–Mary Landrum

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