Monster season is here

15 Oct
"Go Away, Big Green Monster!" by Ed Emberley

“Go Away, Big Green Monster!” by Ed Emberley

When fall arrives and you are looking for books to read with your preschooler, don’t get so consumed with apples, leaves, and pumpkins that you forget one of the most important topics:  MONSTERS!

If you are going to read about monsters, there is an author that really makes them fun:  Ed Emberley.  He’s probably best known for the classic Go Away Big Green Monster with its purple hair and squiggly ears and sharp teeth (which is also a very simple craft to make with kids). It may help ease the fears of kids who may scare easily.

He’s also written a great book about emotions.  If kids are feeling a little sad that summer is over, they can enjoy all of the colors and faces in Glad Monster, Sad Monster.

It’s probably best to wait until after dinner to devour There Was an Old Monster, because the critter in this book swallows all kinds of things that are sure to cause a loss of appetite!

Finally, get the wiggles out before bedtime with some music.  You can sing If You’re a Monster and You Know It.  The kids can stomp, snort, growl, twitch, wiggle and roar until they fall asleep.  But be sure to check under the bed and in the closet to make sure they aren’t hiding any of their new friends in their rooms!

–Kelli Parmley

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One Response to “Monster season is here”

  1. Jennifer Daniels Neal October 15, 2013 at 9:25 am #

    I’ll be teaching a week of music and story in an elementary school next week, so this is a great reminder to bring on the scary! :)

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